Basic vs. XL

Too little space for your pans when cooking: one of the most important reasons for the origin of PITT cooking. With an average of eight centimeter more space between each pit, as compared to a traditional cooking plate, you can now use all your pans. Even that big wok. At the same time.

For those who desire a bit more freedom to move and have more space available in the kitchen, we offer a number of models in XL-range. The same burners, same functionality, but more space between each burner. Both horizontally and vertically.

PITT cooking Basic

Average of 28 cm space between burners
Available in 31 different models
Can be fit in a standard countertop depth (600mm)

PITT cooking XL

Average space of 32 cm between burners
Available in 6 different models
Can be fit in a countertop depth from 650 mm

  • PITT cooking basis

  • PITT cooking XL