Frequently asked questions.

On this page you will find frequently asked questions about PITT cooking. Is your question not answered on this page? Do not hesitate to contact us via, or by phone via (905) 264-9414 x221. We are happy to help and/or assist you!


PITT cooking: a gas cooking system where gas burners can be placed directly in your countertop. The concept originated out of the limitations of the traditional cooking apparatus. Thanks to smart use of space and absence of a rectangular cooking plate, there is sufficient space to use all burners at the same time. Even with big pans.

PITT cooking is available in 31 different models and can be bought in a large number of countries around the world.

The technique behind PITT cooking is not very different compared to a traditional cooking plate. The biggest difference is the fact that the technical parts are placed beneath the surface of the countertop, out of sight. Using round recesses, the gas burners are installed within the countertop. Beneath the countertop, you can find the technical module including electric and gas connection.

PITT cooking offers many advantages compared to a traditional cooking plate:

  • Thanks to smart use of space, there is always sufficient space for your pans;
  • Easy to clean: The different parts of the burner can be separated and cleaned. No raised corners, just a flat countertop to clean;
  • A distinguishing, unique kitchen;
  • Powerful, efficient burners give you professional cooking results in your own kitchen;
  • The possibility to create your ideal cooking set-up that fits the available space in your kitchen and your personal cooking style.

Read more about the advantages of PITT cooking here »

In case you do not have a fixed gas connection, it is always possible to connect our cooking system to a gas cylinder. This may also be relevant, for example, when a PITT cooking system is placed in an outdoor kitchen or garden shed.

PITT cooking is only available as a gas cooking system.

All models in our product range consist of three different types of burners:

  • Small burner, a minimum of 0,3 kW up to a maximum of 2 kW;
  • Medium burner, a minimum of 0,3 kW up to a maximum of 3 kW;
  • Combined simmer-/ wok burner, power minimum 0.2 upto maximum 5kW. These burners with double rings can be used to simmer as well as cooking in a wok. Operated with one button.

For more information about our burners, please visit this page.

We only sell through (kitchen) retailers and not directly to the customer. Any kitchen store, carpenter or interior designer can contact us for an offer or an order via We also process requests and orders from countries in which PITT cooking is not yet active.

In September 2015, we launched the first official PITT cooking accessory: an innovative wok ring, specially designed for our combined wok-/ simmer burner. The design has been accomplished in collaboration with our partners from Asia and it ensures efficient distribution of flame, without loss of heat or energy. More information about the wok ring can be found on this page.

PITT cooking is a typical Dutch product: created and designed in our very own country. And we are proud of it! Every PITT module is carefully assembled by hand in our factory in De Meern. No machines are used.


Going entirely by the needs of the consumers, we have put together our collection of 20 different models. But you can always combine models within this collection. So with various separate 1-PITTs, for example, you can create a totally customized model, or place a separate wok burner next to an existing 4-PITTs model. Design your ideal cooking setup, with your personal cooking practices and the available space in the kitchen as the starting point.

The number of burners desired depends entirely on your personal cooking practices and your home situation. A significant advantage of our cooking system is the generous layout of the burners: in contrast to traditional stovetops, with PITT cooking it is possible to use all burners at the same time. Even with large saucepans. So the number of burners you decide on is actually the number of burners you can have at the same time.


PITT cooking burners can be can be installed in composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, Solid Surface, Green Core, Tope Core and stainless steel worktops. Our cooking system CANNOT be integrated into solid wood worktops or worktops with an HPL top layer.

If you’re unsure you can always contact us via to discuss the options.

PITT cooking burners are tested extensively. The temperature remains low during use and there is minimal heat transfer, so our burners have no effect at all on your countertop. Preparation of the countertop and installation of the PITT cooking module must always be carried out according to our directions. Bear in mind that PITT cooking is a consumer activity, in an often “greasy” environment. Some worktop materials are more susceptible to splatters/stains than others. This is no different from a traditional stovetop. So make sure you’re well informed beforehand through your worktop supplier/kitchen store as to the qualities of the worktop.

Countertop depth
A minimum worktop depth of 600 mm applies to every basic model in the collection.

Cabinet width
The minimum cabinet width depends on the model type and goes from 300 mm for the separate 1-PITTs to 1200 mm for our largest/widest models. Check each model for the minimum cabinet width required.

Other dimensions
For any other dimensions, please refer to the Downloads page. You will find all necessary documentation under the heading “Design/Countertop”.

All of our different models from our collection are fitted onto one fixed module, with one permanent gas connection. From underneath the countertop the module is held in place through the recesses and fastened by screws on the upper side of the worktop. Two supplied joists provide support underneath the module and are mounted on the inside of the kitchen cabinet. Here you can download our installation manual.


PITT cooking’s burner have been tested extensively. Using PITT cooking, the temperature stays low and there is minimal heat transfer. This means the burners do not effect your countertop. All burners consist of a safety valve and we received the official KIWA Gastec Certification.

PITT cooking comes with a full 5-year warranty on every unit. With no unexpected costs. We ask each user to register his or her unit online so that in case of any malfunction we will be able to offer the right service quickly and efficiently. This can easily be done on this page.


Burner caps and pan supports 
We recommend that dirty burner caps and pan supports be soaked for about an hour in a liquid soap and baking soda mixture before being rubbed with a cloth or soft sponge. The silver-colored scratches that sometimes appear on the pan supports are caused by the base of your pan(s). Higher-grade pans definitely have a softer base and the material can sometimes rub off. With the rough side of a (scouring) sponge you can remove this.

Aluminium burners
Aluminium burners can be left to soak in cleaning vinegar overnight and then cleaned with a sponge and a little soap. Note: the aluminium parts must not be cleaned with baking soda as this can attack the aluminium.

The best way to maintain your countertop depends entirely on the type of material. For the correct advice regarding maintenance, we recommend that you contact the worktop supplier or kitchen store from which you purchased the countertop.

Unfortunately, the various components of the burners are not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher. The open structure of the cast iron can cause soap residue to remain in the material, resulting in a dull appearance.

An essential basic component of the PITT cooking system is the heat shield: the round part that the pan support rests on. This component is multifunctional: not only is the heat from the flames conducted upwards, but it also serves as a drip plate. Because of the wide dimensions of the burners, most of the boil-over and/or spattering will go straight onto the heat shield. This is easy to clean with a cloth.