The kitchen: one of the most important places of a home. The place where people come together to cook, talk and laugh. It’s a place filled with inspiration. The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. Therefore, it’s very important that your kitchen is designed exactly the way you want it to look, to feel. All to your personal preferences. And due to the timeless design of the PITT cooking burners, they will always fit in your favorite style.

Black and white

A much seen kitchen trend is the use of contrasts. In this modern kitchen, black and white are used as the primary colors. The design is characterized by clean lines. A minimalistic style – one that fits PITT cooking perfectly.

Rural living

Cosy and rural go hand in hand. Rural kitchens are often being characterized by their warm character, due to the use of natural tones and materials. It has distinctive elements – just as PITT cooking.


During the design of a kitchen, it’s all about finding the perfect combination of different materials, textures and colors. In this kitchen, a combination of wood and metal has been applied, offering a great match with the robust burners of PITT cooking.

Industrial living

The industrial kitchen style is being characterized by sleek lines, great functionality and the use of fair products such as stone, wood and concrete. The style is versatile, making it appealing to people with different preferences in kitchen design. PITT cooking fits this style really good as well.


Dare to be different! Are you looking for a kitchen style that is unique and distinctive? Then go for the rusty look! The PITT cooking burners integrated into the worktop complete the picture.

Pictures/design by The Living Kitchen, Antonissen Interieurbouw, Dirk Cousaert, Vipp, Fred Constant.