The countertop is an important part of the total appearance of your kitchen. Countertops are available in a wide range of materials, textures and colors. It’s important to choose the right material – one that fits both your kitchen style and your cooking behavior. We like to show you a number of worktops made of stone, that can all be perfectly and safely combined with the integrated burners of PITT cooking.


Marble is a type of natural stone. It’s available in a wide range of colors, often with the most beautiful lines and textures. A marble countertop combined with PITT cooking gives your kitchen a distinctive and stylish look. Combine marble with the PITT cooking Professional burners to give it a classic touch. Please note that marble is fairly sensitive to scratches and stains. The burners of PITT cooking all have a heat shield which will – just as a regular stove – take care of the biggest part of moist and dirt. However, maintaining your worktop on a regular basis is important when choosing a marble worktop.


Countertops of composite are available in lots of different colors and structures, and can easily be made to measure. This is why composite will fit in every type of kitchen. It’s a strong, moisture resistant material. Combine it with PITT cooking and make your kitchen your own. Both a worktop of composite as well as the PITT cooking burners are very easy to maintain – safe to say that they are the perfect combination both during and after cooking.


Ceramics is a maintenance friendly material. This type of stone gives your kitchen a sleek look. In modern kitchens, PITT cooking is often applied with a ceramic countertop. This combination does not only look stylish, it’s also very easy to maintain.


Concrete offers your kitchen an industrial look, especially when combined with the robust burners of PITT cooking. The material is both heat and wear-resistant. Just like marble, concrete is also sensitive for stains. When you choose a concrete countertop, regular maintenance is required – regardless of the type of cooking system.

Pictures/design by Fred Constant, Sliedrecht Keukens, Citee Keukens, Paul van de Kooi.