Frequently asked questions

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If you do not have access to natural gas you can connect our cooking system to a propane tank.  This method is also applicable to installations in an outdoor kitchen or shed.

PITT cooking is only available as a gas cooking system.

All configurations in our assortment are composed of  three different types of burners:

  • Small burner, minimum capacity 0,3 to maximum capacity 2 kW / 1024 Btu/h to a maximum of 6142 Btu/h| 1,1MJ to a maximum of 7.2 MJ.
  • Medium burner, minimum capacity of 0,3 to maximum of 3 kW | 1024 Btu/h to a maximum of 10236 Btu/h | 1,1 MJ to a maximum of 10,8 MJ.
  • Combined wok /simmer burner, minimum capacity of 0,2 tomaximum of 5 kW | 682 Btu/h to maximum of 17061 Btu/h | 0,7 MJ tomaximum of 18 MJ. This double ring burner can be used to simmer as well as to stir fry.  Controlled by a single knob.

For more information about our burners please refer to this page.

Planning & Design

We configured our assortment based entirely on consumer desires and input.  However  combining configurations with one another is possible. For example, you could create a configuration all your own by combining single burner units or by adding a wok/simmer burner to an existing 4 burner PITT configuration.  Design your own ideal cooking set up based on your personal cooking style and available counter space.

The number of burners desired is entirely dependent on your personal cooking style and the number of people you’re cooking for.  An important advantage of our cooking system is the spacious set up of the burners:  in contrast with traditional cooktops, with PITT cooking it’s possible to use all the burners at the same time.  Even with large diameter pots and pans.


PITT cooking burners can be installed into countertops made of composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramic, Fenix NTM, marble and stainless steel.

Our cooking system can absolutely not be installed into solid wood countertops nor into countertops with an HPL top layer, nor into Solid Surface.  When in doubt please contact us to discuss what may or may not be feasible.

PITT cooking burners are extensively tested. While burners are in use, the temperature of the countertop remains low with minimal heat transfer: therefore, our burners absolutely do not affect your countertop.  The preparation of the countertop and the installation of the PITT cooking units must be done in strict compliance with our instructions.

Note that PITT cooking is  an appliance that is in ongoing use.  Some countertop materials are a bit more sensitive to splattering/staining than others.  But this is no different from using a traditional cooktop. Check in advance with your countertop supplier/kitchen store about the attributes of your countertop.

Countertop depth

A minimum depth of 600 mm (23 10/16th inches) applies to every configuration in the assortment.

Cabinet width

The minimum cabinet width required depends on the type of configuration selected and ranges form 11 13/16 inches (100 mm) for single 1-PITT units to 1200 mm (47 1/4) for our largest/broadest configurations.  Check by model for the minimum cabinet width required.

All  units in our assortment are mounted onto an established module with a predetermined gas connection.  The module is positioned from beneath through cutouts and secured from above by screwing it to the burners by means of the heat shields.  Two joists  are supplied and are mounted  to the inside of the kitchen cabinets to provide support to the underside of the module. Download installation instructions here.


PITT cooking burners have been extensively tested.  The temperature remains low in use and there is only minimal heat transfer.  All PITT cooking units are manufactured with thermal protection and spark ignition.In addition our system is certified to meet official quality standards for gas appliances.

PITT cooking offers a 5 year full guarantee on each unit.  Without unexpected additional cost. We ask that each user register his/her unit online in order that we can provide prompt and efficient service in case of any malfunction.  This can be accomplished by clicking on this page.


The PITT cooking system is made of top quality materials that are easy to clean. Take note of the following reminders:

  1. Never clean burner parts in the dishwasher as dishwasher detergent can damage them. Avoid cleaning with too much moisture as it could infiltrate the burner and  air intake path.
  2. Use a cloth to clean the electric spark igniter.  If needed, you can use a little brush to clean the tip. Do be careful when doing this in order to avoid changing the distance between the igniter and the burner as this could result in defective ignition or lack of ignition.
  3. Place the grates directly onto the burners without dragging them across the countertop.
  4. When reassembling the burner parts be aware of the electrical connections.
  5. Clean the cooking surface immediately after use in order to avoid boil overs getting dried up and stuck which could be more difficult to remove later.
  6. Start by cleaning the knobs, burners and grates.  And then clean the countertop—  in order to avoid having to clean it twice.
  7. Use a mild cleanser and a soft cloth to clean the removable burner parts. Stubborn stains on grates and burner caps can best be removed with a liquid cleanser.
  8. In any case do not use any scouring powder, scouring pads, sharp instruments or abrasive cleansers.
  9. For maintenance and cleaning of your countertop please refer to the use and handling guidelines for the applicable countertop material.

An essential basic part of the PITT cooking system is the heat shield: the round piece on which the grate rests.  This part is multifunctional: not only does it draw the heat of the flames upward but it also serves as a catch tray.  Thanks to the large diameter of the burners most of a boil over and/or spatter will land on the heat shield.  It is easy to clean with a cloth.