Why choose PITT cooking?

Once you’ve chosen PITT you will never want it any other way. And those aren’t even our own words. The concept arose from the flaws of traditional stoves on which you could never use all burners at once: it turned out to be a feast of recognition. This is why your kitchen can no longer be without PITT cooking..

In comparison to the traditional stove, PITT offers at least 11 inches of space between each burner (an average of 3.15 inches more than usual). From now on you’ll always have enough space to use all burners at once. Even with larger pans.

“A sight for our visitors.” – according to an enthusiastic PITT cooking user. A feast for the eyes. With just the separate burners in sight, your kitchen will have a distinctive look. The timeless appearance of PITT cooking makes it applicable in every kitchen: from classical to country, and from contemporary to design.

Our robust, powerful burners are made of the most high-quality materials, and cover a professional range. Our combined wok/simmer burner is one of a kind: it has two functions in one burner, controlled by a single knob. Practical and easy to use.

PITT cooking has the official KIWA GASTEC and CSA certifications. These certifications assure users that their (gas)product meets the highest demands in terms of quality, functionality and safety.

We provide a five-year full warranty on our product.

The absence of upright edges and corners, combined with the easy disassembly of the various components does not only provide the highest convenience during, but also after cooking with PITT. For proper maintenance recommendation, please go to this page.

In the United States, we put together a product range of 5 different models. All these models can be combined with each other as wished. Your ideal cooking set-up, tailored to fit, taking your personal cooking style and available space in the kitchen as a starting point. There’s something for everyone.