Assortment Outdoor

The perfect cooking setup for your outdoor kitchen

With PITT cooking Outdoor we relocate your dream kitchen to the great outdoors. In your garden, on your terrace and even on a boat.

Thanks to the PITT cooking Outdoor set, the joy of cooking on our designer hobs can now be experienced outdoors. Due to the modular concept the outdoor cooking system will fit in any type of outdoor kitchen: large, small, fixed or a mobile construction.

The PITT cooking Outdoor set consists of:

  1. The PITT cooking Outdoor kit +
  2. Your favorite PITT cooking configuration from the Outdoor assortment

The PITT cooking Outdoor assortment

The PITT cooking Outdoor assortment consists of a selection of 1-, 2-, and 3-burner models, as shown below. Models can also be combined with each other.

Burner edition: Professional or Black
Control knobs: Top Side
Gas connection: Natural gas or bottled gas (LPG)

Choose the number of burners: