Cooking on PITT in your own garden

The outdoor kitchen of your dreams

With our PITT cooking Outdoor set we relocate your dream kitchen to the great outdoors. In your garden, on your terrace and even on a boat. Because what’s a better way to unwind and connect after a long day, than by cooking your favorite meal in the fresh air?

Due to the modular concept, our PITT cooking Outdoor set will fit in any type of outdoor kitchen: large, small, fixed or a mobile construction.

PITT cooking Outdoor set

The PITT cooking Outdoor set consists of the following parts:

  1. The PITT cooking Outdoor kit: designed to protect your PITT cooking burners against weather circumstances, both during as well as after cooking.
  2. A PITT cooking configuration: choose your favorite configuration from our Outdoor assortment.

1. PITT cooking Outdoor kit

The PITT cooking Outdoor kit consists of 3 different parts:

  1. Windshield(s)
  2. Bottom cover
  3. Top cover

Depending on the PITT cooking configuration of your choice, it can be combined with the Outdoor kit Type A (for models with 1 burner) or Outdoor kit Type B/C (for models with 2 or 3 burners).


Protects the flame against wind.


Bottom cover
Protects the technical part of the PITT cooking module against moist and dirt.


Top cover
This durable cover is placed over the burners after use.

PITT cooking Outdoor kit

Type A

Consists of: top cover, windshield, bottom cover

To be combined with 1-PITTs configurations Akan, Altar, Azuma & Air

PITT cooking Outdoor kit

Type B/C

Consists of: top cover, windshield(s) and bottom cover

To be combined with 2-PITTs configurations Baluran, Bennett, Baula, Bely

To be combined with 3-PITTs configurations Cima & Capital

2. Choose your ideal cooking configuration

The Outdoor assortment consists of a selection of 1-, 2- and 3-burner configurations. Choose your favorite or combine!

The Outdoor assortment is available in Professional and Black burners, with Top Side control knobs. The module can be connected to natural gas or bottled gas.

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