Be convinced

Why PITT cooking?

Once you’ve experienced PITT you will never want to go back. And that’s not just us talking.  The concept arose from the limitations of the traditional cooktop.  Never enough room to use all the burners at once:   sound familiar? That’s why  without PITT cooking   your kitchen will no longer do.

Finally enough room for your pots and pans:  with a minimum of 28 centimeters (11 inches) between burners PITT cooking offers an average of 8 centimeters (3 inches) more room between burners compared with a traditional cooktop.  From now on always enough space to use all the burners at once.  Even with large pans.

Thanks to its timeless look PITT cooking is suitable for every type of kitchen:  from classic to country and from contemporary to designer style. The black cast iron burners will always suit any type of kitchen. And always make your kitchen just a bit more beautiful.

Our robust, powerful burners are manufactured exclusively of top quality materials and meet professional standards.  Our combined wok simmer burner is unique:  two functions provided by one burner  and controlled by a single knob.  User friendly— as it should be.

PITT cooking meets official quality standards for gas appliance certification. This certification offers users the security that their gas fueled appliance complies with the highest standards for quality, function and safety.  We offer a five year total warranty for our products.

Never again dread cleaning your workspace.  With no ridges and corners you are left with a flat countertop to clean.  And so PITT cooking offers ease of use not only for cooking but also for cleanup.

Based on user needs and desires we created an assortment of diverse configurations.  Each of these configurations can be combined to suit individual needs and desires.  Your ideal cooking setup made to measure to suit your personal cooking style and available kitchen space.  There’s something just perfect for everyone.